Saturday, September 30, 2006



By de Andréa

In Camp Pendleton California, eight of our American warriors, are imprisoned in a military jail, and until recently they were held in chains without evidence of anything except fighting a war in defence of our country. Senator John Murtha and other America haters after reading a news story of an accusation of murder made by Sunni terrorists, eight American solders that were to become known as The Pendleton 8 were ordered arrested and jailed.

The eight American solders are accused of murdering a 52 year old Iraqi civilian named Hashin Ibrahim Awad on April 26 2006 in Handania Iraq. [All Iraqi Terrorists are civilians] On May 10th the eight were arrested in Fallujah following the news story, and immediately transferred to Camp Pendleton California, where they were incarcerated and bound in torturous chains 24/7 since the 24th of May, only to be recently released from these chains at the end of September because of the outrage of citizens.

According to Defence Attorney Jane Siegel lawyer for P. F. C. John Jedra, 20 years young one of the eight, the charges apparently range from kidnapping to conspiracy to Murder and others. In almost 6 months Attorney Jane Siegel has not been allowed to see a copy of the charges nor any evidence.

The 8 including 7 Marines and 1 Navy Medical Corpsman, referred to as detainees by the military [just like our enemy terrorist detainees in Guantonamo,] wish that they were treated at least a good. Held in torturous chains 24/7 for approximately 6 months the military prosecutors hoped they would give in, and testify against each other. When this did not happen and with the outrage from the public they were only recently released from their torturous chains. Apparently it is politically correct to torture our own heroic patriotic volunteer solders for defending themselves and their fellow solders and the behinds of some of our useless bureaucrats, but certainly we can not be impolite to our murderous satanic enemies.

Most of the parents of these barely out of adolescence 20 year old warriors risking their lives for the defence of Americans [including even these enemy loving America Hating bureaucrats sitting around their swimming pools sipping Mint Juleps] have gone bankrupt or in debt up to their patriotic parental necks trying to get the Government to provide one shred of evidence to uphold the accusations made by our warm fuzzy Iraqi Satanic Murdering Islamic Fascistic Terrorist Enemies.

Approximately half a dozen times in our war with Islam our own solders have been attacked by our own military,( later to found innocent), on just the say-so of our enemy’s accusations. Careers have been ended, Characters have been damaged. The enemy will take us down one way or another.

THE BOTTOM LINE: When is this country going to figure out just who are enemy is? Our own Solders are certainly not our enemy. When are we going to say? “I am terribly sorry”, to the murdering sons of Satan, but you are not credible enough to accuse our country’s defenders.The Government is just trying to make another Vietnam Mylai out of this because it was printed in the politically correct left wing news media; the media wants blood, especially if it is the blood of our own solders.

de Andréa

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