Sunday, July 30, 2006


By de Andrea

Israel kills 50 innocent Lebanese women and children. Who is to blame, Israel, Hezbollah, or the so-called Lebanese Government who seems to be conveniently absent?

Somewhat like our own, a government that does not protect its citizens and country, from a foreign invasion is no government. The Government of Lebanon has for years allowed Hezbollah, not only to invade its country and Government but to launch a military buildup of enormous proportions and then say, they knew nothing about it, throw up their hands, and act like innocent bystanders. Bystanders they are, innocent, they are not.

Were thousands of Missiles brought into Lebanon from Russia, Syria, and Iran, right under the noses of the Lebanese Government without their knowledge? One would hardly think so; moreover these weapons were deployed throughout Lebanon in residential areas, in buildings where Lebanese citizens live, without their knowing anything about it? Even right next door to a (excuse me) a UN peace keeping force.

While we are feeling sorry for the Lebanese people, Hezbollah is carrying out the Muslim program of jihad against Israel, from Lebanon, and indiscriminately killing hundreds of innocent Israeli citizens. Moreover, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Fuad Siniora said that if Israel invades Lebanon with ground troops, the Lebanese military will fight on the side of Hezbollah. It sounds like Lebanon’s true colors are showing.

The Lebanese people have allowed Hezbollah to infiltrate their country and their Government; moreover they have allowed this Hezbollahanian terrorist Government to launch a war from their country. Hezbollah is known to have approximately 6 to 8000 terrorists in Lebanon while the Lebanese military, numbers approximately 83,000. So to say the Lebanese have no choice is a joke.

When asked If Hezbollah would agree to a ceasefire after the death of the 50 innocent women and children, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Siniora shrugged and said blood for blood; even sounds like Hezbollah. [Late breaking news from Rioders and the A.P. is that Hezbollah staged the killing of the women and children by blowing up this building eight hours after the Isralis bombed it because the bombs did not kill all the people.] One would wonder where the men were, in a building where missiles were being fired from, sounds like a plant to me. This is also a war on SPIN and Hezbollah seams to be doing the better job.

When scratching through the thin surface of the Lebanese Government, one must ask if this so-called Democratic Republic of Lebanon isn’t really just another front for terrorism and anti Semitism, just like the rest of the Middle Eastern Muslim nations.

Every time the population of a country approaches even a small majority of Muslims, terrorism abounds. Lebanon is almost 59 percent Muslim, and like in the U.S., the numbers are growing

This should be a wake up call for America; our Government is also allowing an unchecked number of foreign invaders to flow across our non existent boarders. Among these foreign invaders are Muslims, eventually infiltrating our Local, State and Federal Governments.

THE BOTTOM LINE: How long will it be before Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Hamas, the Taliban, or some other Wahhabi Muslim terrorist group launches a jihad war on America??? Answer, when they began to reach large enough numbers.

de Andréa

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