Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Muslims democratically vote for a Terrorist government

By de Andréa
Feburary 06, 2006

While the west funded and provided oversight for the so-called Palestinian election this past week, the Muslims voluntarily voted for an oppressive Islamic terrorist organization to rule over them, known as Hamas, and the west was left unbelievably baffled and in shock, that the people of Palestine would prodigiously vote against democracy and freedom. This is further proof that our Government is not cognizant of what is inside the ticking time bomb of Islam.

If this was not enough of a shock for the sleeping western world, in the news this passed week were the shocking cartoons in a Danish newspaper making fun of Mohammad. The cartoons are not what is so shocking. What shocked the west was the fact that the so-called peaceable middle of the road non-violent warm fuzzy Muslims fire bombed the Danish Embassies, started riots in Denmark, and said that the people responsible for the atrocity should be killed, because they humiliated the Muslims and the nation of Islam. I wonder if the peaceable middle of the road Christians should have burned down the art museum in New York and killed some of the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. for supporting the Endowment for the arts in the so-called “artistic” display of Elephant Dung to portray an image of Jesus. Well maybe Christians are just not quite as warm and fuzzy.

When are the infidels going to raise their brains from the dead and pay attention to what is going on in Islam? Read my lips. . There are no middle of the road moderate Muslims. It would be the same to say that there are middle of the road moderate Demonic Murders. THE AGENDA OF ISLAM IS TO BEHEAD, MAKE SLAVES OF, OR CONVERT TO ISLAM, ALL NON-MUSLIMS ON THE ENTIRE PLANET, TO LIVE UNDER OPPRESIVE, DEMONIC, ISLAMIC LAW. I do not know how to make this any more poignant than that, this is not rocket science. Please do not take this writers word for it, READ THEIR BLOODY HAND BOOK, THE KORAN, ON HOW TO MURDER AND BRING THE WHOLE EARTH UNDER THE RULE OF ISLAM. Like the saying goes, “it’s in there”. Moreover, one can read some of this writers previous articles on this subject.

Hamas as well as Al Qaida has made their intentions perfectly clear and yet the west does not listen, much less respond to the threat. At the end of the Second World War, This Government understood a similar scenario, when we took extreme measures against Japan and let our enemy taste the shock of a nuclear bomb in order to save American lives, and end a long bloody war victoriously. Instead, we continue to ride up and down the roads of the Middle East and let the enemy blow up our soldiers.

We must begin to LISTEN to what our enemy is saying and take them seriously or we will continue to promote attacks on western civilization. They intend to kill or make slaves of all Christians, Jews and anybody else they can lay their bloody hands on. The Muslim Religion is a convulsive Demonic belief, in power, control, and death. The only way to eliminate a threat as insane as this one is to eliminate the cause of that threat against all humanity. With wishful thinking, we somehow believe the we will change these butchers into our warm fuzzy friends.

The Bottom Line, the U.S. must do whatever it takes to choke the life out of this demonically controlled enemy, regardless of the ignorant direction that our so-called allies choose to take. The American people must read the enemy’s handbook to understand what this writer is saying, instead of the distorted lies in the alphabet soup media newspapers. Moreover, if the U.S. chooses to remain blindly Politically Correct and ignore the truth that we are at war with the Devil and that this enemy will not be diverted from the insane agenda of creating a global totalitarian butcher shop called the nation of Islam, then we will be killing each other forevermore and this war will not end.

de Andréa


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