Thursday, January 26, 2006


By de Andréa
January 21, 2006

For over twenty years, Mexico has been in a state of war with the United States. Someone besides myself, should inform the U.S. Government about this. I do not mean just an economic, or drug war; no, I mean a real bang bang knock down shooting war. Correct me if I am wrong, to my knowledge if a government of one country comes into another country and shoots at the government of that country, this just might be an act of war. The last three U.S. Administrations have interestingly ignored this.

It turns out the Mexican Federales are in the drug smuggling business as well as the illegal alien smuggling business. In the past twenty years, Federales, adorned in black or camouflage B.D.U.’s, and in some cases driving Humvee’s with top mounted 50 cal machine guns and Mexican military helicopters, have repeatedly crossed the U.S. boarder and threatened or shot at U.S. boarder guards while protecting drug smugglers and the so-called coyotes in the business of smuggling illegal aliens. There have been over 230 such incidents since 1996.

Not only are foreign citizen invaders streaming into the U.S. across our borders from any and every country in a time of war, but also the military of a foreign country has been, and is in the act of invading this country and waging a shooting war with our federal border guards. Both of which the U.S. Government is duty bound by the U.S. Constitution to protect American citizens, from. If this constant threat had not always existed, the Forefathers of this great country would have considered not forming a central government power in this country. Put another way, the main historical purpose of creating the U.S. Federal Government was to protect this nation from a foreign invasion. My question is, when is our Government going to exercise the main purpose of its existence?

Not only has the U.S. government been ignoring this invasion and attack on U.S. soil, but our alphabet soup media must have run out of ink, and has also been turning a blind camera and a deaf radio to this growing problem. This writer has been aware of this outrage for approximately fifteen years. I do not believe that I am privy to intelligence that our Federal Government does not have. In addition, many of the illegal aliens are members of one or more organizations such a La Rasa, (The Race) with the agenda of reclaiming North America for Mexico. This is much the same agenda a Islam, just a little less greedy.

The Bottom line is, if one is confused about things of this nature, the usual process one should go through, is to follow the money. So who is paying whom in this case? The Mexican Federales are obviously being paid to make war on the U.S. by the drug lords and possibly the coyotes. However, who in the U. S. Government is being paid and how much, to look the other way? Perhaps the Taxpaying Voting Citizens of the United States should ask their Congressional Representatives about this unreported war. This writer has, and the Congressperson played ignorant. Perhaps the Congressperson is not only ignorant but overpaid as well.

de Andréa


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